Membership Benefits

Why join IFEAT?

Join IFEAT Today and start taking advantage of the association’s industry exclusive services.

Membership is open to companies from all parts of the world dealing in essential oils and aroma trades.

The application should be signed by two IFEAT members as referees.

The benefits of IFEAT Membership include:

  • Voting Rights at the Annual AGM (Ordinary Members Only)
  • Pass on your membership benefits to your Subsidiaries (Global Members Only)
  • Priority Online Booking for Annual Conference and reduced registration fees
  • Opportunity to register for the annual Study Tour
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Member Resources
  • Receiving regular IFEAT Newsletters
  • Ability to Share Documents and Industry News with other members online

The International Annual Conference is the main annual event in the industry organised by IFEAT. The conference provides a stimulating range of focused presentations on themes impacting on flavours and fragrances. It also provides excellent networking opportunities for traders, producers and end users.

There is a special discounted rate for Members attending the Conference.


Education is an important role for IFEAT. Funding is provided for flavourist and perfumery learning programmes, culminating in the opportunity of achieving an IFEAT Diploma.


Conciliation is a service provided by IFEAT. This is a voluntary system for Members to resolve their disputes with the assistance of an experienced Conciliator.